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Infinity Weapons

Dipped Chux (customizable)

Dipped Chux (customizable)


Dip Color




The very first customizable foam chux.  Select vinyl dip color, stripes, and accents.  Sold in singles.  If you are looking for a unique style of vinyl coated chux, we build the best there is.  This thinner style cuts down on the weight while increasing your handling speed.  Also features a 3.5inch string, but can be adjusted shorter if needed.  If you have the prepaid MyBrand logos in stock with us and are adding them to these weapons, they will go where the accent stripe is, so no color selection is needed for accent, but you may still add stripes above and below your logo as pictured in our examples.  See more details below.


Chux Length: 10" or 12"
String Length: 3.5", but can be shortened
Diameter: 1" +/- .25


Vinyl Coating: Select Options
Stripes: Select Options
Accents: Select Options


5 ounces

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