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Infinity Weapons

Hybrid Foam Chux (v.23)

Hybrid Foam Chux (v.23)


New v.23 Style has a 1 inch tall holographic silver stripe at the bottom. The Hybrid Foam Nunchaku is actually a 3/4" inch outer diameter foam nunchaku, and the first of its kind. The Hybrid Foam Nunchaku eliminates the bulkiness of the typical foam nunchaku, but has the thin high speed of thinner nunchakus. Its the perfect blend between the two types, creating a whole new style of weapon.   Single string designed for speed.


Chux Length: 11"
String Length: 2"
Diameter: 3/4"


Foam: All Black
Top Caps: Black Vinyl
Stripes: Holographic Silver


2 ounces

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