What is MyBrand?

As a school owner, I want to have products with my brand on them. So we are expanding and updating our process of how we do custom logos for you.  Our costs continue to increase, but we're transitioning to a system that will allow us to maintain or even reduce your price on getting custom logos on our products.  Although the process will feel different, the end cost of getting your logo on our products will be about the same as before, but we are splitting the process into 2 parts.

Step 1 - Order prepaid MyBrand logos for whatever items you want.   You know your business the best, so instead of us guessing how many logos to bring in for you, we are letting you take control of this part.  This reduces our costs by eliminating waste, saves time, and we've eliminated setup fees!  You can change your logo any time you want without paying a new setup fee.  We just keep your prepaid logos in stock for you, on demand, awaiting your next order.

Step 2 - On product pages of any MyBrand eligible items, you'll simply select Add MyBrand to that item, and we'll add your on demand logo to the item for free!  Eligible items include All Chrome Weapons, Gear Bags, Combat Sticks, and NEW option on Dipped Chux, as well as new stripe colors available!