Wolverine VS Deadpool Event

The new Deadpool 3 movie releases July 26th, and the Wolverine and Deadpool characters are wildly popular with fans of all ages.  So we are releasing new super hero inspired weapons that we encourage school owners to use for a special weapons training event that your students purchase one of the two styles of weapons and a class is included.  We are offering a half/half version of these to use for promoting your event, and ready-to-go promotional materials.

May 28th: $10 Promo Launch
Promo launch opens for school owners to pre-order one of our half Wolverine, half Dead Pool weapons for only $10 to use as a promotion for hosting a weapons class at your school. Limit of 1 per school owner, must have established wholesale account with InfinityWeapons. The promo staff will be 3.5ft size, so no oversized shipping fee. Chux will have the option of 2" or 3.5" strings. These items will also have discounted shipping rates. AND the $10 will be refunded once you place the actual order for your class, making the promo weapons FREE!  Will only be available until June 11th!

Get Sign Up Sheets out for your event:


 June 11th: Exclusive Early Access Opens
Only school owners who bought the promo weapon will have early access to these new weapons AND discounted prices. On June 11th we'll email you link to to these discounted weapons.  You'll also be refunded $10 promo once order placed.

July 26th: Movie Release Date
Your class should take place within 2 weeks of opening weekend.