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Infinity Weapons

Custom Chrome Escrima

Custom Chrome Escrima

Main Color






Custom Chrome escrimas sold single.  See more details below.


Thin 3/4" center diameter.
Tapers to 1/2" at each end.


Main Color: This is the main color that the escrima will be. All metallic colors listed are a highly reflective chrome finish. Iridescent Silver actually shimmers with rainbows of colors as light hits it. Holographic colors have a square pattern.

Grip: Add a grip for improved weapon handling. The black rubber wrapped grip provides excellent texture for an even better grip. Our newest addition is a clear rubber grip with chrome material under it for a colored rubber grip! This style cannot be stored alongside other similar grips to prevent self bonding. It will cover your accent/stripes on one end.

Stripes: The first stripe is 5-7 inches back from the end of the staff depending on staff length. Then the second stripe is another 5 inches back. These stripes really help frame in any accent colors you do.

Accent Color: If you are really wanting to do a 3 color scheme or incorporate your schools theme colors, this is the way to do it. This is a larger section of color towards each end of the staff. If you leave this blank, it will just be the main color of the staff.

School Logo: If you would like to add your school logo to a 1" silver stripe on each side of the center grip, select this option. Then reply to your order confirmation email and attach your file and reply to email. For school owners only!

Name Lettering: Add your name to the bo staff. Letters are 1/2" tall and appx 6" long.


6oz to 9oz, depending on length.

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