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Infinity Weapons

Single Gear Bag

Single Gear Bag


Heavy duty canvas material gear bag features a full size zipper pocket on the left side of the bag. Then on the right side, it has 2 individual mesh shoe pouches with zipper. Yes, a great idea for storing your shoes during class! Zipper closes for shoes up to 12 inches long. If they are longer than 12 inches, they still fit, but the zippers will just not close all the way. This bag also has a double layered pouch on the front. The main big pouch on front will fit tons of items including weapons up to 19 inches long. It does have an open bottom to this pouch to allow for chest guards to be stored in this pouch. Then the smaller pouch on the front is good for phones, wallets, & personal belongings. The front of the bag also has a buckle harness system, allowing for longer weapons such as swords or staffs to be attached to the bag, yet not interfere with getting into sparring gear thru the top. It also has dual handles for carrying it, in addition to the large adjustable shoulder strap of course. Now on to the main compartment on top of the bag! It has canvas zipper flap for full closure. The bottom of the main compartment also has a rigid bottom so the bag holds its shape. Then the back side of the bag also has a full length zipper pouch for more storage space. The phrase "Martial Arts" is printed on the side of this bag.


28" x 12" x 12"


All Black, Red & Black, or Blue & Black


3 lbs

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